Felix zoekt een Kamer in Maastricht

Felix zoekt: Een Kamer in Maastricht

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Hi guys,

I'm Felix, 21 years old and will be starting my Bachelor Degree in Data Science & Artifical Intelligence in Maastricht as of September 2023. Since leaving school in 2019, I've been studying Business Administration in Mannheim (Germany) and right now, I'm in the process of writing my Bachelor Thesis and will be finishing my studies this summer.
Throughout my years in Mannheim, I have been living in a student house, with 26 other students on the same floor, sharing everything from the bathrooms and toilets to the kitchen or the living room. Those years were surely the best years of my whole life and am absolutely grateful to have met so many amazing people and friends for life. The only time I didn't spend my time there, was during my semester abroad in Hong Kong during the fall semester of 2021. That was an absolutely crazy and unique experience for me, and I'll always remember my time there.

But more about myself. I was born in Aachen, Germany and moved to Eupen, Belgium at the age of 8. Luckily due to my Spanish Mother and French Father, I've had the chance to learn several languages throughout my childhood. Right now, I am in the process of learning Italian and of course Dutch, which will hopefully be good enough to get around Maastricht once I move there. Right now, my big passion is running. I've started to enjoy this sport more and more from the beginning of 2023 and was able to finish my first marathon in the beginning of May. But another sport I've always wanted to try out is bouldering, so maybe Maastricht will be the perfect place to start with that.
I would consider me as being an introvert. But once I get to know people I quickly get out of my shell and therefore really enjoy to be around people I can trust and love. I think all my friends can confirm that :D

That's all from me! Have a great day and hopefully we'll see each other one day!

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  Man, 22 jaar
Type huurder: Student
  1e jaars Data Science & Artifical Intelligencee (MBO)