Steven is looking for a Studio / Apartment / Room in Maastricht

Steven is looking for: A Studio / Apartment / Room in Maastricht

  • Studio / Apartment / Room
  • Min. 110 m2
  • Male
  • 20 Immediately

I am a student in UM. My major is DKE. from china, gonna to live in UM, really need a place to live soon. You could CALL ME anytime, and sending email is better.

I know some place could not be rent by student written in the details, but I am wondering the reason. So, I sent the interests to you. Please reply me and let me know the reason about refusing students.

I am from China and have been well educated. I am polite and patient. Dont be afraid to communicate with me.

General information: Steven
  Male, 22 years old
Type of tenant: Student
  3rd study year Maastricht Univerisity (University)